About us

Our philosophy is simple. We strive to deliver the finest quality product on schedule, within budget, at the most competitive price possible.

Our History

E.A. Davidovits and Co., Inc. enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the Bay Area. Over the years, the firm has steadily increased in size and capabilities while diversifying its experience base. For numerous years we have been running several multi-million dollar projects concurrently, while maintaining the same level of attention to detail on projects much smaller in size and scope. Throughout the torrid pace of construction, we've simultaneously fast-tracked numerous projects. Our attention to detail and focus on quality has fostered steady growth and the continual addition of satisfied repeat clients. There's a reason why over 90% of our clients return to us for their next project.

Our Culture

We aim to foster an environment in which our employees are not only exicted to work with us, but also are excited and eager to work with their peers on a daily basis. With weelky lunches and team events, we strive to promote interaction between our employees in a lively, laid-back environment so they can thrive both inside and outside of work. Only with this close-knit and friendly companionship within our company do we believe that our mission can be achieved.